The Contract

If you want  to become a music Star with a recording contract, this article is for you.  It might be hard, but there are a few things that you can do. First you have to realize that The reason why a label will sign a band is that they believe they will make money. It is that simple.

It is important to realize that the recording industry is under pressure. For the first time since the 1980s, there will be no million album selling artist in the UK. It has therefore become more difficult to get a contract.

There are thousanda of bands hoping to get a recording contract with a major label, but only a handfull of them will actually make it. So what are these record companies looking for?. Well, here’s the list in order of importance:Audiopro Grammy

1.) Well-known stars having a track record.
2.) Famous people who has attention.
3.) Acts on smaller labels who have a community hit,
4.) Modest acts having a really massive following,
5.) Regional groups having a huge following and/or nationwide gigs,
6.) Other.

So, how can you move up to an attractive league, such as number Five, even? Begin by examining your own demo. The length of your songs? If you need airplay, they must be under 4 minutes, or even better 3 to 3½ minutes. Spare the longer stuff for your live performances. Is it to long you must re-cut your demo. After that, attempt to get a contract with a small label with some distribution.

Are you part of a band, you must play and play. Attempt to build up followers and try to get on a label. Just about any label is much better than no label.  Almost all reputable record companies need a fully guaranteed hit from their artists. Singles sell albums, and albums settle the bills. If you have a local hit through an small label, a huge label is a lot more enthusiastic about you than if you just are a group with a demo tape.

A local hit is a great way to obtain a main label’s interest. Another way is a great gimmick or an element that places you different from all other groups. Try to make yourself diverse from all the others.

A local hit is a hit within a community. If you can become a hit on YouTube, it might be your ticket to a great career. But even a hit on YouTube don’t come easy. Perhaps you first need to upload you music to a pro audio forum and this way get some followers.

Ensure that your group is actually leading the way, don’t ever follow. People must say, “wow that’s truly unique.” Build your shows something the audience will remember for a long time. Be ready for fame; Do you have a great picture, an interesting biography, along with a excellent demo tape? Let’s say a record professional stormed up to you and said, “Now i’m serious, please give me your press kit”. Do you bring your demo and images along with you wherever you go?
It might be an idea also to investigate some marketing essentials, and understand the basic concepts of marketing. Try to take a look at this press release.

The quality of your demo CD is essential. You could also consider to create an HD music download. If you happen to have a home studio with quality pro audio equipment, you might be able to record the CD yourself. However, it is always a good idea to get the CD mastered in a professional mastering studio.

Never ever hype the music in your biography or promotion pack to a recording company. If you happen to be a potential superstar, allow the recording company tell you. Remember, recording companies only want to make money. They can make money by selling CD’s. If you’re able to convince them that you can make money for them, you get a deal.